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Q: What trails will we be running on?

A: We will be doing a surprise course! What this means is we will reveal the course specifics the night before each race. We will provide some details beforehand, such as daily distance expectations so that you can feel adequately prepared in your training. Overall, you will complete about 30 miles on fun trails located in Bend, Oregon over three days.


Q: How do I get to the start of each race?

A: We will provide a shuttle for any start or finish line off-site of LOGE Entrada.


Q: Can I bring friends or family if they are not participating in the races?

A: Yes! LOGE Entrada is a great location for family and friends to relax and enjoy outdoor activites. You will need to purchase a seperate food pass for anyone joining you.


Q: Do I have to “race”?

A: No. The trail races are set up so that you can choose to be timed or untimed. However, everyone does have to meet the cutoff times.


Q: Do I have to stay at LOGE Entrada?

A: If you live in Bend, you can opt to sleep at home after enjoying all the festivities. If you’re coming in from out of town, we strongly suggest staying at LOGE Entrada. It’s the epicenter of the entire weekend and we wouldn’t want you to miss any of the fun. Plus, it’s a really great, laid back place to hang out after a big day of adventuring.


Q: Can I run on a team, instead of as an individual?

A: Yes! There’s nothing like being out there supporting each other on the trails. We encourage those who are interested to run as teams of two. When you register as a team of two/pair team, you will receive 10% off your entry fee.

Please contact us directly for the discount code and to let us know who your partner is at


Q: Why Lark?

A: We are a group of fun, carefree runners who also have a little crazy between us. The state bird of Oregon, where we started, is also the Meadowlark.

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